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Accessing the web management page for the Aimesh Node

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Hi Hi,

Is there any way to access the web management page for the Aimesh Node ? I was hoping to see Wireless Log of the client connecting to the Node rather than to the Router.
When you choose AiMesh, you give up the ability of advanced management. AiMesh nodes do not have Web pages.

Nodes using AP mode instead of AiMesh can give you more powerful custom configuration than AiMesh can provide.

Use SSH to log in to the node, and then enter the following commands to query:
# 2.4 GHz
wl -i `nvram get wl0_ifname` assoc
wl -i `nvram get wl0_ifname` assoclist
wl -i `nvram get wl0_ifname` sta_info XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

# 5 GHz
wl -i `nvram get wl1_ifname` assoc
wl -i `nvram get wl1_ifname` assoclist
wl -i `nvram get wl1_ifname` sta_info XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

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