Actiontec ISP router to Asus RT-N66U using VPN

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I have a 2wire to an Asus RT-AC68U at home and it works great but for some reason I cannot get the setup to work at the cabin from an Actiontec to an Asus RT-N66U. I have port 1 of the Actiontec connected to port 1 of the Asus. Granted I have internet and the wifi is working but it will not connect to my NordVPN server. When I went into the Asus administration it says it cannot connect to the time server. So NordVPN support said it needs to connect to that. He thinks the Asus will need to be connected to the wan port. I know at home I have the cat5 from my 2wire going to the Asus wan port. But I cannot get it to work on the Asus here. Any ideas? What settings am I missing? I have been trying different settings all day.


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Why are you trying to use the LAN port on the N66U?:confused: You need to use then WAN port and have it in "router mode".

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