AiMesh Configuration With Asuswrt-Merlin 3.2

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I recently decided to reconfigure my existing AiMesh setup: 2 x RT-AC86U + 1 RT-AC68U. All nodes were on Merlin 3.2 in an existing AiMesh.
After I deleted the AiMesh configuration and tried to rebuild, I have only been successful with the 2 AC86. AC68 would not join regardless of
what I tried.
What finally led to success has been a firmware change to AsusWRT on the AC68. After changing the firmware it joined
the AiMesh without any issues. Then I was curious enough to take the additional step of changing back to Merlin 3.2 while being part of
the AiMesh which worked as well.
Sharing his out in case anyone if facing a similar issue.


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Yes, known issue:



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I had the same challenge especially with AC68U but was able to set AiMesh with cable connected between router and node and then switch to wi-fi

additional there is no any advantage to use RMerlin FW on Node.

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