AIMesh node loosing config

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Ok this is getting really frustrating now so i hope some one has the magic tip that will prevent this happening.
Every x days my AIMesh node is loosing its config, looking at the unit itself it shows a red light at WAN.
Rebooting it doesnt fix it and i need to manually connect to a new wireless SSID it is transmitting called ASUS_B0 wich is a open netwerk.
In there i need to factory reset it and then configure it again as router mode and then as mesh node, need to do it this way as the initial setup screen doesnt allow to go into meshnode instantly.
Setup is AX-86U as main router running Rmerlin firmware 386.3 and a AX-58U as mesh node running Rmerlin 386.3 too.
The AX-58U is connected by cable to the AX-86U so i do not believe there is a connection problem between the two.
Any ideas of the cause and more importantly, how to prevent this from happening.

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