Aimesh with non-asus access point


New Around Here
hi everyone, new to this forum. looking for some guidance.

i've got a AX82U as the main router with a AC86U as a node (ethernet backhaul). looking to extend the wifi signal in a portion of the house that has a ethernet point.

i was consider the RP AX56 in AP mode with ethernet backhaul, but that isn't available in my country with the correct plug head

alternatively, i was considering the tplink EAP 615 in wall access point. looks pretty neat and inconspicuous as it is a POE AP that can be mounted on the wall. my concern is that the TP Link isn't aimesh compatible, and i would have to create a new SSID for the AP, which would become messy. any thoughts?

not so keen to use a bulky asus router as another node as it would spoil the aesthetics of the room


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