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AIProtection Web Directory Traversal

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So, it seems I got all of these blocked last Saturday. They were all targeting my PC's specific LAN IP. How is that possible? Should I be worried? I am always extremely careful and upon seeing this have run a full MalwareBytes scan just for piece of mind and it was all clear.
I'm a noob with what these attacks mean, anyone care to shed some light?


That would be the Russians, Romanians and Bulgarians trying to hack you, and failing. The only real interest is that you say it's targeting an IP address on your LAN. That might indicate that there was/is a port forwarding rule directed at that IP address. Only you can know what was running on that PC at the time and whether it was opening any incoming ports.
The main thing - don't stay logged into your Router - one can log in to check on things, but once done, make sure you click that logout button...

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