AirPrint server on RT-AX58U


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I am trying to get my router to host the AirPrint process so I can print from my iPhone to my non-AirPrint-compatible printer. I set up CUPS on the router and it is working fine. I do see the avahi-daemon process running on the router (which appears to be by default). What steps do I need to take to register the CUPS service with avahi so it is available to other hosts on my network? I’ve also set the domain to .lan to avoid any possible conflict with .local



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Better use P910nd, or ipp .
I’m interested in enabling airprint on an ac86u with Merlin. Are there instructions somewhere?
I couldn’t find anything step by step that i could follow.
Thanks you in advance


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I finally got this working...created a service file in /tmp/avahi/services and the avahi daemon advertised the cups server just fine!

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