Any Asus Repeater that work well with merlin router?

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Hi all,

i have a Asus RT87u with merlin firmware and love it. The range is too short (or my walls too thick) to reach all my rooms. I have seen Asus RP-ACxx line that are cheap on the market.
Apparently Ai mesh never made it to our beloved RT-87U.

Any suggestions what to buy that works well?


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I cannot recommend a repeater at all.

Better to buy a router that will keep receiving security and other updates at this time instead and use the RT-AC87U as the AP as needed.

The RT-AX58U and the RT-AC86U are showing up at low prices right now. Either should make a good upgrade to your current network with the RT-AC86U being significantly better than the 'AC87U.


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I have multiple older rt-ac68u and 68p as repeaters throughout the house. You can usually get the for around $30 on ebay.

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