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Anything I can do with an old Netgear R7800?

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New Around Here
I will be upgrading to an Asus AX88U Pro soon, as I need the 1G capabilities. I am looking into what I can do with my old R7800 instead of selling it on eBay.

I was wondering if I can re-purpose the device to become a NAS and FTP server to access storage devices from home and over the cloud. Is that possible? Will it be as simple as setting it into a particular mode and connecting its WAN port to one of the LAN ports of the Asus? And, finally, would a custom firmware be recommended for this sort of task (e.g. Voxel)?

I am really a newbie, so please be gentle. If I asked something stupid, it was not intentional!
Used to have one but sold it when I built my own router / nas. I'd just sell it and get a sff PC for what you're trying to do. It should be a wash coastwise. The new PC should be more useful interns of speed and power with a better CPU and RAM.
I second @Tech Junky
If you are not using it for routing or as an AP, just sell/donate it.
I will be upgrading to an Asus AX88U Pro soon, as I need the 1G capabilities.

If you have mostly AC clients on your network the new router won’t be $300 improvement for you compared to R7800 - one of the best AC class routers. Don’t count AX capable phones and tablets. They have nothing to do with >500Mbps speeds. I have one same Qualcomm hardware Synology RT2600ac router and won’t trade it for Asus. It’s not going anywhere.
Having had both.... The Netgear stuck around longer and the Synology went back as a return when it didn't perform right.

The Netgear went to pasture due to all of the firmware fiascos that started happening due to QA or lac thereof.

There's the little VPN appliance floating around here with 4 ports for $200 and add an AP to it and it will be 10x better than an all in one you get at the corner store.
Sometimes (for most small/mid size home applications) nothing more than AIO router is needed. My Synology AIO is in an apartment and it's the only home router I have in active use. I have another Asus AIO router in another country used occasionally as VPN exit point and nothing else is needed there too. What is better in theory is different than what is practical and serves the same purpose for less cost and space taken. Also, that little VPN appliance needs networking knowledge and not as user friendly like AIO home routers. User friendly tiny VPN appliance is GL.iNet GL-MT2500, under $100.
that little VPN appliance needs networking knowledge
I forget people can't google how to setup a smarter network. Or ask on a forum for some help if they want to deviate from OPN/pFsense options that are ready made for using such a device. For the basics it's not that hard to setup though like most morons just tell them to get an Apple device.
Starting from zero - good luck asking Google how to setup pfSense/OPNsense firewall with VPN and policy routing alone.

There is nothing wrong with Apple devices. I do have many Apple devices in use and they all are excellent and high quality. I do recommend Apple devices when needed and good fit for the purpose. A moron here with 50 smart tech junkies working for me so I can enjoy my new V8 hardware addition.

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