ASUS 88U IKEv2 Config Not Authenticated

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Greg Bruyn

New Around Here
Trying to set up IPSEC VPN on my ASUS Router. I want to use built in Windows 10 VPN client to connect to router. ASUS instructions for setup have you export certificate and install but I can't even get mine to be authenticated. No idea why or where to begin.
Stock most recent ASUS Firmware. DDNS through asuscomm.

Here's my IPSEC VPN Screen:

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New Around Here
I resolved my issue which may or may not be the same issue the OP was experiencing but in case it may help someone else:

The logs were showing an error loading the certs indicating they were in an unrecognized format.

I enabled SSH and connected to the router.
cd /jffs/ca_files
ls -l
I could see that the indicated files were in fact there however it turns out the asusCert.der and srvrCert.pem files were 0 bytes.
I then ran the script in that folder which created the necessary certificates, then toggled IPSec VPN off and back on and everything worked fine after that.

Greg Bruyn

New Around Here
Thank you for the info & update. I wound up giving up. Can you help me with a guide on how to SSH to the router please?

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