Asus AC88 node connected to Aimesh but with no clients..why?

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Peter ougra

New Around Here
hi there,
i have a asus ac 88u node as part of a 2 mesh + main router system..
recently ive noticed that there are no clients connected to this one particular is very well part of the mesh system but no clients attached.
can someone please help me?


Regular Contributor
Not much information here for us to help you. I've had an 88U as a node in an AiMesh system, and it's working great. I'm using ethernet backhaul mode back (so not even Wi-Fi as a backup) to the main router and am using the .386_41994 firmware that's on I can only offer two guesses based on past problems with my 88U, but no idea if these apply to your situation. WPS needs to be enabled on the main router for the initial AiMesh setup, but once the initial connection is made it can be disabled. The various .386 firmware builds have not been consistent if they automatically enable WPS or not when placed in AiMesh mode, some do, some don't. I don't remember if the .386_41994 does or not. Also, I did have some bizarre issues with the 88U freezing in one form or another with earlier .386 builds, but not the current one. It seemed to be worse if ther were devices connected to LAN ports 5-8 (there's a number of bizarre issues with the last 4 LAN ports on that router, just search those threads), you might make sure those ports are disconnected while configuring the AiMesh.

Peter ougra

New Around Here
sorry for being so vague but here i go..

on my main pc its hard wired to the main router (AC 86U), this main router is connected to the outside world.
now my 1st node is the AC88u and 2nd node is a AC68u
previously the AC88u worked flawlessly..the last few days i could see it had an IP address but it was "linked" to the main router (86u), instead the only link was between the 86u and 68u
so today i reset the 88u and did a install as a aimesh node . install went successfull but now i get hardly anything connecting to best ive seen one client while the rest either connect to the main router or the 2nd node which are further away..
its got me stumped as to why this is happening.


Regular Contributor
It sounds to me like the system is working. In my case I've had a longstanding problematic corner in my house. I put a router as close to the dead corner as I could, initially in AP mode before AiMesh 2.0 was available. I've seen similar, devices that are significantly closer to that "dead corner node" many times will connect to the main router, at least initially. I have seen them jump to that node eventually. But it did resolve the "dead corner", just not in the way I expected it would. The control freak in me would like to see more "load balancing" but at the end of the day, if all the devices have stable Wi-Fi I'm ok if they connect to the main first, and jump over to the node as needed, it fixed the problem.

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