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Asus AC88U cannot ping/access sub routers(switch mode).

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New Around Here
Hi all,

Yesterday I changed my main router from Netgear R9000 to AC88U and flashed it with Asuswrt-merlin firmware. It is very odd that I CANNOT ping or access the webui of 3 sub-routers. But I can ping any device that connected to them, no matter they are wired of wireless.

Main router:
Asus AC88U, Asuswrt-merlin 384.10_2
STP on
No funny settings as I know...

Sub-router 1(2 and 3):
Netgear R7000, dd-wrt (a stable release)
Switch mode, set WAN port as LAN port and using WAN port to connect to the main router and 4)/24, IP manually set
STP on

  • Before I changed the main router, everything was OK. The R9000 was flashed with stock firmware.
  • I CAN get ping responses from and 4) only in the Network Tools in the AC88U's web admin UI.
  • I CANNOT get ping responses from and 4) on any devices, no matter they are wired or wireless, no matter they are connected to which router. Also cannot get access of the web admin ui of the sub-routers.
  • I CAN get ping responses between devices in the whole network.
  • Every device get access to internet.
I really need some idea from you guys...MANY THANKS!!!
Sounds like an arp problem.

What happens if you move the dd-wrt switches off the WAN port and to a LAN port?

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