Asus AX58U - W10 can't see my SMB share

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Hello to all.

I have the following strange problem with my Asus AX58U when trying to connect to it via SMB protocol on Windows 10:

1. If I go to USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk and set the Allow guest login to ON , the SMB share appears in my Network Neighborhood and is fully working , but it really bothers me the exclamation mark in the router page.
2. From the same menu, If I set the Allow guest login to OFF, the SMB share doesn't work, and it doesn't appear anywhere, no matter what I do.

I already followed guide...

What am I missing here ?

Ronald Schwerer

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I just started getting this (router not showing up in File Explorer Network places). I think a recent update screwed this up. Anyway, I think I've got it working - or at least a workaround.
  1. Open File explorer. Click "This PC". Then "Add Network Location", "Next", "Next". Should see "Specify the location of your website"
  2. Start to fill-in the browse location with the path to your router... example \\\ then click Browse.
  3. You should see a list of mount points shared by your router. Select one and click "OK", then "Next". Customize the name if you like, then "Finish"
  4. I was once asked for login info. I used the admin login/password, but it might be possible to use other share credentials created for sharing on the router. I've mapped a drive on a node using the old default admin/admin.
  5. Don't forget to have Windows save the credentials so it doesn't ask every time you attempt to open the drive/partition. BTW, my router's SSD has 3 partitiions, 1 NTFS and 2 EXT4. I have to map each partition using the above procedure.
This maps the drive(s) under "This PC", "Network Locations"
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Hi would like to bump this up.
I also have the same problem.
Attached a 4tb usb drive to AX88u
It works fine when I have it set up to allow guest access without authorization
I can see the router/drive in Win10 explorer
As soon as I turn guest access off, cannot connect.
I even tried creating a new user/password with r/w permissions and still cannot log in.
I tried the suggestion above, i get as far as the same login page that I would get just by clicking on the router in file explorer, same result
cannot authenticate.
firmware 384_9579

thanks for any suggestions

I also have an older machine with win7 and same issues

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