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Asus AX86U QOS doesn't regulate bandwidth

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Hi all,

Currently running an AX86U with a couple of XT8s operating as AIMesh nodes. Generally the system works very well, but it seems to be unable to cope when one or other device is downloading a large file. For example, if my son starts a download on Steam then almost the full bandwidth is dedicated to his laptop to the expense of other devices - my Valorant gaming teenager immediately complains loudly about packet loss etc and streaming on other devices grinds to a halt. The same happens if I start a download on the Sky Q box. I have tried using QOS and Adaptive QOS, prioritising Gaming and Streaming over all other things, but nothing seems to help. The only thing that works is to put a bandwidth limiter on the relevant devices, but this seems to be a fairly basic way to manage things.

My Internet is not very fast (about 30MB) and I have told the router this when selecting the QoS option so it shouldn't be allocating 30Mb to a single device, but yet it quite happily does this. Does anyone have any hints or tips on this - my family are going to start killing each other soon!
30mb? QOS pointless.
plan your downloads when no one is using the internet.
There have been a lot of complaints about Asus QOS not working. Sometimes it is just the QOS does not work on WIFI but works on Ethernet connections.
Whatever. Adaptive QOS seemed to work on my AX86U with the manual settings at about 95% of tested bandwidth. That was a firmware version ago before I got the AX86U Pro which runs adaptive QOS on automatic settings.

And QOS on 30 MB is not pointless. It is almost mandatory!
Get your son to limit the download speed on Steam so he doesnt smash your link

If the devices are connected via ethernet buy a $50 switch and do port based QOS to cap them at a certain speed

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