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Looking for some advice - newbie on certificate
I have a (dynu) and a (no-ip) dns. I have had the router update it when my ip changes using DDNS. Works well. I use port forwarding to reach other devices at home.
Some time ago, I wanted to add an SSL certificate - particularly interested on a calibre server I have on a server at home. I discovered letsencrypt but got dissuaded by the need to renew it every 90 days
Now, I discovered AX86u (my new router) allows to connect to letsencrypt for the certificate and renew is automatically which is pretty cool
Unfortunately I have the feeling I may have the pieces now but not sure if I understand things well enough to be confident
1. Would one letsencrypt cert apply to multiple devices at home. I assume it has to be installed on each device/server? I can pull it off the router and pass it to other devices?
2. Would letsencrypt cert/SSL survive port forwarding
3. Would the renew operation by the router apply to all certs on all machines
4. Would this combination work happily, letsencrypt, auto renewal?

Appreciate any feedback. I understand this is ssl networking question beyond the router but thought some may have experience doing this. Thanks

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