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Asus AX89X replacement options

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My AX89X is about 4 years old and has been needing multiple reboots a day to recover the WAN connection. My fiber service's ONT does not seem to be the culprit, as the provider sees no issues with it, and I only need to cycle the AX89X to recover the connection. Sometimes, it takes 3 or 4 tries. And, the frequency has been increasing over the last two weeks. (I'm open to suggestions on troubleshooting, but I feel like I've done a lot of that and pinpointed it to a hardware issue.

Current setup: AX89X is my main router with 4 AI Mesh nodes on wired backhaul of Cat 5e. The nodes are 2 Asus AX88U routers and 2 Asus AX58U routers. Admittedly, I don't use all of the capability of the AX89X. My fiber internet service is way more speed than I need at 1Gbps, so I have no plans for multi-Gbps speeds. My network supports about 60 clients with about a third of those wired. We work from home a lot, our internet is used for all video streaming, and I have 6 cameras that are uploading about 3 to 4GBs of data each per day. I also play online games with my PC and console on occasion, but not regularly.

My main question is if I should go with a Wifi 7 model or just stick with Wifi 6. I can upgrade the nodes as Wifi 7 becomes available in lower end routers. I'm not very price sensitive, as I'm more interested in getting something I can rely on in that will at least match the performance of what I have now...before the issues that is...

Thanks for your time and your thoughts. I'm trying to pull the plug on a solution this weekend to keep the family happy.
I'm not very price sensitive, as I'm more interested in getting something I can rely on

I wouldn't buy a bunch of AIO home routers to begin with. You could have a cluster of business class APs with corresponding to your needs PoE switch. Everything VLAN capable for proper network segmentation for your IoTs, IP cameras, NVR, NAS, etc. An expandable Omada system may come close to the price you paid for home routers with limited control and capabilities. What AiMesh does best is selling more Asus routers.

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