Asus-Merlin OpenVPN Server w/ PiHole

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New Around Here
Hi everyone and thank you very much for any assistance you may be willing to provide.

I am trying to setup my RT-AC86U as an OpenVPN server and running into an issue with I believe DHCP but I could be way off as this is my first attempt so I'm certainly an amateur at best.

Running the latest Merlin firmware (not home currently so I don't have the exact version but I can get it if needed).
I have DHCP disabled on the router itself as I use a PiHole for that service. I setup all the certificates/keys and believe those are now correct as I'm no longer receiving errors during that step of the connection. My android phone is the client in this scenario and I'm including the log output from OpenVPN below.

When I try to connect I do see the android device show up as an attached client when viewing from the router dashboard until it finally times out the connection attempt which I why I think I've got things working on the authentication side.
I suspect that my android device is not being assigned an IP and that is why the connection is eventually dropped, but I'm not familiar enough with OpenVPN configurations to know what the correct way is to get things working without having DHCP in the router. I am hoping there is a way to set a static address via the .ovpn file?

BTW - Pihole is using a subnet for LAN clients

Here is the log from the Android OpenVPN client -
09:53:04.427 -- ----- OpenVPN Start -----
09:53:04.428 -- OpenVPN core 3.git::728733ae:Release android arm64 64-bit PT_PROXY built on Aug 14 2019 14:13:26
09:53:04.432 -- Frame=512/2048/512 mssfix-ctrl=1250
09:53:04.435 -- UNUSED OPTIONS
5 [ncp-ciphers] [AES-256-GCM:AES-128-GCM:AES-256-CBC:AES-128-CBC]
14 [resolv-retry] [infinite]
15 [nobind]
09:53:04.435 -- EVENT: RESOLVE
09:53:04.437 -- Contacting XXXXXXXXXX:1194 via UDP
09:53:04.437 -- EVENT: WAIT
09:53:04.438 -- Connecting to [XXXXXXXXX]:1194 (XXXXXXXX) via UDPv4
09:53:04.511 -- EVENT: CONNECTING
09:54:04.443 -- EVENT: DISCONNECTED
09:54:04.444 -- Tunnel bytes per CPU second: 0
09:54:04.444 -- ----- OpenVPN Stop -----

I am also attaching a SS of the VPN configuration from the router.

Thank you again for any ideas you may have on this problem and have a great day.

Edit - I had been playing with different settings for TLS control channel settings (which had no effect) so the way it is set in that screenshot may not reflect the actual config.


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