Asus RT-AX86U NordVPN issues


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I have spent the whole day with NordVPN support to no success so far.
I have this new router RT-AX86U from this morning.
I installed Merlin 386.4 and installed ovpn files in the VPN client section....once started the VPN says connected in the asus admin page but when I verify on the nordVPN page it tells
me that it is not protected.

Until this morning, I was using a RT-AX58U with same configuration without any problem.

Can I downgrade to merlin 386.2?

Thank you


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Jack Yaz

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Can you post a screenshot of your VPN Director tab please? I see the client is configured:


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Try internet traffic through and change it to ALL.


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no..the opposite...the rule as I setup is for the specified device when connected with a cable to not be covered with the VPN. And whatever device I verify the page of nordvpvn it says not secured...and this was before I started to make the rule


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You can't control which devices use the VPN based solely on whether they are connected via wire vs. wireless. All you can specify is the source IP of the device. The only way to make it behave the way the OP is describing is if the IP assigned to the device changes because there's a different static lease created, with a different assigned IP, depending on whether the client uses its wired vs. wireless network adapter. But it's these kinds of details the OP is apparently leaving out (including the rule itself) which is making it more difficult to know where the real problem lies.


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I have NordVPN running perfectly on my RT-AX86U with 386.4 [as I'm sure MANY other members of this forum are].
So @arkhane .... do yourself a favour and provide the information requested by no less than THREE "Part of the Furniture" [meaning MAJOR expert contributor members] who are willing to assist you ;).

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