asus rt-ax88u wifi - can I allow a particular ip address access to local wireless

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Hi Guys, I have a kiln in my garage that should have access to my rt-ax88u wif for f/w updates but unable to connect even though I can scan for the network. When I try to login it says DNS fail, tried using a powerline extender same thing, would it be a firewall issue or maybe a setup issue in the router please advise.


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Sorry, I don't understand what you're describing. Are you saying that the kiln cannot connect to the router's WiFi at all? Or are you saying it can connect but is getting a DNS error? Do other WiFi devices in the location have the same problem?

Either way it won't be a firewall issue because there is no internal firewall on the router only an external firewall.


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Sorry Colin if I wasn't very clear, the kiln contrller recognises the 2.4gHz wifi network although the signal isn't very strong 2 or 3 out of 4 bars. When I click on the network via the controllers touch screen and put in the login details the green loading bar goes across then it gives an error message that it cannot connect please see attch photos. Is there anyway that I can give a particular ip address(kiln controller) any priority in the client status list to improve its wifi signal, I tried a powerline extender but it wouldn't connect using that either.


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Have you tried rebooting everything, then trying again?


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Yes I have, also the router has had a hard reset and reconfigure, I've also been intouch with the controller maker and they suggested about the possible firewall problem. Thanks for your help with this much appreciated


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Are you using a short SSID, and/or one with punctuation, spaces, smiley faces, and/or other special characters in the SSID or password field?

Why 8 Alphanumeric SSID Characters

  1. Use a new (never before used) SSID that is 8 alphanumeric characters with no spaces, punctuation, smiley faces, or other special characters.
  2. Use all-new (never before used) passwords that are 16 alphanumeric characters with no spaces, punctuation, smiley faces, or other special characters.
  3. Use a new (never before used) username that is 8 alphanumeric characters with no spaces, punctuation, smiley faces, or other special characters.
Test the above, by creating a Guest Network with the above attributes.

Also, test by trying to connect to your phone's hot-spot too.


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Have you made any changes to the router's default settings that would effect DNS (e.g. WAN or LAN settings)?

From another PC connected to the same SSID can you successfully issue this command:


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If the kiln has the option, try setting the DNS entry manually (and likely the IP and netmask will be manual too).

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