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ASUS RT-N66R in repeater mode

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I have two RT-N66R routers. Acquired the second one as I have a detached garage with a wifi door opener. The signal was weak and I plan to set up one of the routers as a repeater. Can you have the repeater router with the same SSID as the main router? If, so I'd like to do that so devices, such as the wifi opener, can connect to the best signal between the two. TIA for any input on this.
In principle there's nothing wrong with having the repeater use the same SSID as the parent router. In fact most repeaters work this way. I don't know if there's anything "odd" about the N66U's firmware that doesn't allow that. Try it and see.
Welcome to the forums @LarryBoy57.

I don't believe you're able to have a choice. If you're connecting with WiFi, it will simply repeat the SSID you connect to.
Thanks all for the replies. When connecting the second router as a repeater, it defaults to the originals SSID with Rpt added at the end. I was able to delete that and use the same SSID on the repeater as the original router. Seems to be working great.

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