ASUS XT8 100Mbps Ethernet Backhaul issue (not 1Gbps)

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New Around Here
Hi, I’m new to the forum after purchasing the ASUS XT8 twin pack 3 weeks ago, to replace some aging Draytek kit.

Initially I set up the Mesh using the Wireless backhaul and I’m running firmware and were suffering with many devices disconnecting and reconnecting all the time.

I’ve had a CAT5e cable run for many years for the Draytek network which I planned to use for Ethernet backhaul for the ASUS kit.
Yesterday I decided to use the CAT5e ethernet and noticed something really strange:
When the CAT5e cable is connected directly from the main XT8 LAN port to the 2nd XT8 WAN port, the backhaul speed is listed as 10/100Mpbs. I couldn’t understand why.
Recrimped and double checked the straight through wiring, tested cable just to be sure but got the same result.
I then connect the main router to an external Gigabit switch on the LAN side and the 2nd XT8 connected to a different Gigabit switch on the WAN port, then attach the Ethernet CAT5E original cable to the switches (not directly connected to XT8s) and bingo the ASUS software now reporting 1GBPS backhaul and I don’t understand why.

When the XT8 are directly connected 100Mbps, when XT8 are directly connected to an external switches 1GBPS…..
I wonder if this is a software issue reporting incorrectly.
Has anyone had such experience?

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