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Release ASUS ZenWIFI XT9 Firmware version

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50.23 MB
Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
- Fixed IP display list issue on networkmap.
- Fixed a GUI bug for WireGuard client profile name.
- Fixed WAN connection issues.
- Resolved an issue that caused hostname errors in the DDNS service.
- Resolved OpenVPN server TAP mode issue.
- Added MTU setting for WireGuard client.
- Ensured consistent display of client status on the WireGuard server.
- Enhanced system stability when accessing the WireGuard server with DMZ enabled.
- Improved stability when enabling or disabling the WireGuard server.
- Optimized memory utilization and fixed an occasional server error when registering DDNS with an app.
- Corrected a bug encountered when adding a rule to the network services filter.
- Fixed AiMesh node under Ethernet backhaul issues.
- Fixed GUI bugs while searching for AiMesh Node.
- Fixed USB function related issues.
- Fixed a GUI bug that occurred when adding port range rules in the Network Service Filter.

Security Fixes:
- Fixed OpenSSL vulnerabilities.
- Fixed command injection vulnerabilities.
- Upgraded to the latest dropbear version.
- Fixed a stack overflow vulnerability.
- Fixed vulnerability in command injection after authentication.
- Fixed XSS potentially via malformed hostname in DHCP request.
I use it as a node with wired backhaul
I can say that is more stable but some (very quick) disconnections of the LAN side still occurs
Are we still stuck at SMB v1 with this firmware? I can't find any mention of newer SMB versions in XT8 firmware.
You had disconnects even before the upgrade?
Occasionally yes, with 388.23285 afer dirty upgrade.
Downgraded to 388.21069 and all was OK
Then I have upgrader again to 388.23285 after a "WPS reset" and all was OK
Now dirty upgrade from 388.23285 to 388.24609 and suddently some LAN hiccups
My 23285 version has been rock solid and the XT9's have taken everything I throw at it. Still scared to udpate to the latest firmware but its tempting. Did any of your devices have trouble reconnecting? I've got over 40 and don't want the trouble of spening hours fixing things if it goes wrong.
My system is super unstable. I have a main rt-ax89x mesh router where I had 2 rt-ac67u nodes working very well without any problems. Now I upgraded keeping the rt-ax89x and replaced the 2 rt-ac67u with a zenwifi xt9. The system was terrible on the zenwifi xt9 node, it always has a drop in speed and despite being close to it most of the time mobile devices connect to 2.4Ghz instead of 5Ghz. Before with the rt-ac67u everything was fine without any problems a few months ago.

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