ASUSWRT - VPN Website-selection possible?


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I am new to the forum and welcome members.

Currently I use a VPN from OVPN. Behind a Fritz Box 7590 I have connected an Asus Router (ZenWiFi XT8). The Fritz Box is connected to the Asus router (to WAN) via Lan. In addition, I have 3 more Asus ZenWifi XT8 connected via WiFi (AiMesh).

Since the update to version I can also use "Multiple VPN Connections" on the Asus router. This is already a big progress. I can now set the VPN for 2 countries, for example.

But what I miss is that I cannot specify that, for example, the VPN Switzerland is used only for individual websites. I want to use a Swiss VPN exclusively for streaming "Zattoo Switzerland". Therefore I would like to set this via the Asus router.

I have read a lot of posts in this forum, but found nothing to my problem. Probably there will be nothing, but I'll ask anyway. GL.iNet offers this possibility, but only with one VPN.

Hopefully you can help me.

I was at least hoping to get a response. So I find it very disappointing.

Probably with ASUSWRT I have no possibility to filter VPN by websites. Is that correct?

It would be nice if I could get an answer.
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Interesting puzzle. Others might want to weigh in on this but I wonder if being creative with X3Mrouting might work especially streaming.


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