AX-92U Will not connect to USB Modem

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Good evening,
Since updating to, my Netgear AC797S doesn't provide a IP address to the router. (It is detected as a USB Device, as well).
Previous firmware versions work, but I'd like to be on the newest one for security and new features.
I'm currently using the PPPOE secondary WAN, but it's terribly slow.

I did email ASUS, where they told me to reset (via WPS button). I did do that before talking to them (including using ssh 'nvram clear' commands) but didn't seem to fix anything. I also set the router up by hand, as not to cause issues with bad configs.
I haven't replied to ASUS because I've been busy and need to keep the internet up at the same time I have chances to do it. I might just tell them I've already done it, just to see what they'll say.
(Last time I emailled them (about AiMesh nodes not giving DHCP out on Guest Networks) they told me to return the router!)

I have tried using USB Modem and Android Phone (which i would use normally on older firmwares) but with no luck.

Anyone have any ideas?
For now I have rolled back to, which works fine.
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