AX88/86U Aimesh node 5G doesn’t work


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Hi all,

I’m currently using AX88U as the main router on the first floor and AX86U as the node in the basement, with Ethernet backhaul. It worked well at the beginning but a few months ago the node’s 5G started to have issues. I can see the 5G hotspot with full signal but the device won’t connect (“Unable to join the network” on iPhone/iPad). At the same time main router’s both hotspots and node’s 2.4G hotspot work perfectly fine.

I tried to replace the node (tried AX68U) and had same issue so believe it’s not a hardware problem. I also reset both routers and started with new config which will make it work for a while, but then having same issues.

I don’t even know how to debug because the log seems only displaying main router’s activities. Any suggestions?


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