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Entware Backdoor in linux XZ utils on Linux distros.

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Whomp whomp 😑

*Doesn't appear to be incorporated into Asuswrt-Merlin. 5.4.6-1 xz is a entware however “Some malicious code was added to XZ 5.6.0/5.6.1 that could allow unauthorized remote system access.”

Earlier versions should be safe however xz utils upstream should not be trusted until further security research is done and the backdoor is patched.
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xz-utils 5.4.6-1 (pre-backdoor) is available in entware, but it is not installed on my router as part of amtm or a handful of 3rd-party scripts. You can verify on your own device via "opkg list-installed".
Not installed on mine either, even with all the scripts I've installed.
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