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I used to use use bontmia for backup many years ago and now I see rsnapshot among other being mentioned.

What is the recommended tool to use for backup of entire entware installation as well as jffs partition?

I have a RPi with an SSD on LAN that I can place backups on (preferably over ssh).



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Why not just tar the directories to timestamp'd filenames and copy (scp) the files to the remote store. Use the scheduler (cron) to do so from a script on a regular basis. Simple.

NOW="$(date +'%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S')"


tar -cpf $JFFS_TAR -C /jffs .
tar -cpf $OPT_TAR -C /opt .

scp -q $JFFS_TAR $OPT_TAR [email protected]:/mystore/


This presupposes the existence of the store folder on the remote system, and that you're using PKI (public/private keypairs) for the scp (ssh) login.

Of course, I'm just illustrating core essentials here. You could get more sophisticated and report errors, send an email when completed, report completion to the syslog, auto-delete expired backups, etc.

For these two relatively small directories, I don't think it requires anything more sophisticated than tar + scp.

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