Beginning cron jobs

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I've been sitting on this one for a while and finally decided to tackle it (first time dealing with scripts). What I'd like to achieve is a scheduled bandwidth limit on all ip addresses in the DHCP range (with inspiration from:

I'm connected via SSH and in the /jffs/scripts/ folder. It appears to be empty using cru l or ls -a. Am I supposed to at least have a services-start file to edit?


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The scripts folder (/jffs/scripts) is normally empty. Not unless YOU create a file there, or perhaps some AddOn you've enabled has added some scripts. It's intended for situations where you want the router to call your script in response to various system events (e.g., initialization of the firewall). If you're NOT creating a script for that purpose, it could be installed anywhere you like, either some other folder in /jffs, or even a USB drive.

The cru command is for managing scheduled tasks. It has nothing to do w/ whether there are or aren't any scripts in /jffs/scripts. You can schedule a script for execution wherever it happens to reside, just so long as it's accessible at the sceduled time.


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You're now into the specific of your scripting, and I haven't a clue when it comes to QoS since I don't ever use it. I was only responding your direct questions. At this point, you'd probably be better off creating a new thread w/ a more relevant title to draw the attention of QoS experts.

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