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With no hardware acceleration those cores max out at 350Mbps, @Trip.
I figured as much, but that's about as good as you're going to get for single-threaded QoS on almost any MIPS/ARM based all-in-one, and honestly about as much as anyone really needs, gaming most definitely included. I realize that's not a perfect answer, but at least here, lowest-latency/jitter is more valuable than full WAN utilization, and gaining back that 150Mb or so probably wouldn't contribute all that much to preventing would-be bloat or spiking. Again, I know it's far from perfect, but I think the Asus will suffice here.


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I believe he should be fine with no QoS on 500Mbps fiber line. Experiments with QoS only if needed.


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500Mb does seem to be a QoS tipping point. Coupled with the naturally low latency of fiber itself, you may be correct. I'd be interested to see the OP report back on his results, QoS off versus on.


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I had to RMA my RT-AX88U and I just got an email from Asus that they will replace it with another model (upgrade) since they're out of stock for the AX88U. I'm not sure if they will provide me with a list to choose from but what would be consider the next model upgrade? Should I ask for the Gt-ax11000 (Or even better the AXE) as an upgrade or the RT-AX86U? I wouldn't mind getting the gaming router since I already have an AX86U. I'm hoping the AXE will get RMerlin support but it's too early to tell.
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