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Bitrate of Management Frames stuck at 1Mbit

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I have set an ASUS router to 2.4 GHz N-Only, but Acrylic WiFi Pro lists it as a WiFi B,g,n supported AP. With supported rates 1Mbit, 2Mbit....
There are some AP's that Acrylic WiFi does detect as g,n only, 6M/12M minimum, so the app seems consistent. One thing that's not, is the reported beacon bitrate of AP's: always 1 Mbit. I am not running Acrylic in Monitor mode BTW.
Commview for Wifi shows that the g/n only networks have beacon bitrates of 6 or 12 Mbit.

How do I force a minimum bitrate for the management frames with ASUS routers?
Our ISP Ziggo has the same issue. If one selects wifi N-Only, advertised data rates are still starting from 1 Mbit. Confirmed with Commview for WiFi.
Just fixed it with telnet / ssh.
Login on 5GHz, or Ethernet.
eth1 is 2,4 GHz, eth2 is 5GHz.

wl rateset: to see the actual rateset for 2.4GHz.

wl -i eth1 down
wl -i eth1 rateset 12b 24b ( if you use 802.11 G then include the other rates 18M upwards. The N rates are kept, don't have to fill them in)
wl -i eth1 up

this works for 5GHz, too.

I tried adding this to the nvram variable for rebooting with some combinations like: wl0_rateset="12b 18 24b 36 48 54" or without the b's. Doesn't work, as after rebooting the rateset still includes 1, 2, 5.5 11 Mbit.
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