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Bought 2 NICs, both have the MAC address

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I just upgraded the Wifi cards in 2 of my laptops from Intel 4965AGNs to Intel wifi 5300s which I bought off Ebay, and after experiencing problems I noticed that both cards have the same MAC address. Both cards appear to be ok when only one of the laptops is on, but I obviously have problems when they're both on. They were from the following Ebay seller, who's based in Hongkong: http://myworld.ebay.com/goezshopping

I've heard of these kinds of problems before, but strangely both NICs have unique MACs printed on them, but when I check the actual values using ipconfig/all they're both 00-16-EA-C3-44-D2. I'm certainly going to take this up with the seller, but I wondered which would be the best and safest way to edit the MAC addresses?

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