Can't access USB drive

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Lee MacMillan

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I attached a USB stick to my AC66U_B1 and set it up as a network place. I can see it in the Asus-Merlin GUI. The first time I accessed it from my ethernet attached PC, I could see the files. I could not see them from my wireless attached laptop. I got a dialog box from Windows Security asking for my network credentials. Neither my Asus router password nor my Windows/Microsoft password works. The next time I tried to access it from my wired PC I got the same message. Clearly I've done something wrong but I don't know what. I don't need to access the drive when I'm not at home which is why I picked network place rather than FTP. I've attached to screen from the GUI if that helps.



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I suggest that you set Simpler share naming to Yes as it makes life easier if you need to type the UNC.

Windows has an annoying habit of remembering the credentials that has used to access a share, even if it failed, and automatically reuse them. Rebooting the PC after a failed connection attempt should clear that.

Try typing in the UNC directly into the Windows Run prompt. In your case (with Simpler share naming = Yes) that would be \\CRUZER\backup

BTW it looks like you changed the admin user to lmacmil, is that correct?

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