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Can't set USB permissions on second USB partition

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by nobody, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. nobody

    nobody New Around Here

    Mar 22, 2018
    I have two updates that follows the original post at the end.

    RT AC68W
    FW Merlin 384.13

    I have a 4TB drive. I've partitioned it so the first partition is 500GB and the second partition is 3.5TB. The labels for each partition are "USB-500GB" and "USB-3.5TB" respectively. And both are NTFS formatted. There is only one directory off the root for each partition. When I plug the drive in the admin account has R/W permissions for both partitions. When I add a new user (or more then one) the new user(s) get the same permissions as the admin. When I try to change the permissions on the first partition for the admin or any user the new permissions are changed accordingly, but when I try to change the permissions on the second partition for a user the permissions go back to whatever the admin is set to (I get no errors). If I change the admin permissions for the second partition it also changes all the user permissions for the second partition to match the admin (nothing changes for the first partition). I have no problem changing permissions for the first partition for the admin and any/all users. I only have the problem with the second partition. Any suggestions?

    It doesn't matter if this is plugged into the USB2 or USB3 ports. I still have the problem.

    I also found this from another thread that sounded somewhat like the problem I might have and I've tried it, but it does not solve the problem either.

    My guess is that the router got confused (bug?). I suggest that you:
    1) Go to the root directory of each USB device and delete all the files beginning with ".__". Then unmount the USB devices.
    2) Physically remove the USB devices.
    3) Remove the Samba/FTP account variables:
    nvram unset acc_list
    nvram unset acc_num
    nvram commit
    4) Generate root account.​

    Thanks for any help.

    Update 1.
    I found an old drive and partitioned it with 3 partitions. I also formatted the drive first with NTFS and then Ext4. Then really grasping I changed the partition table from GPT to MBR. After all of these combinations I still could not get it to work. Tomorrow I'm going to load an older version of Merlin and see what happens.

    Forgot to mention that I'm just doing all the permissions via the Samba tab (USB Applications/Servers Center/Network Place (Samba) Share tap.

    Update 2.
    I tried going back to 384.12 and it seemed to not work for me also. I reinstalled 384.13.

    I wanted to watch what was going into the smb.conf file and also see if I could adjust the smb share settings myself so I started to edit the smb.conf file. In doing so I could set up the second partition the way I wanted to, but resetting the router converted everything back (I would expect this since I was not changing the real settings). I tried a few other things like having the router make the folders, but still no luck. After playing around with the smb.conf file I noticed I could get the router to show in the webGUI that shares were not shared, but in the smb.conf file they were shared. I even tested this out by trying to access the shares and sure enough, access (permissions) followed the smb.conf file over the webGUI. Can't see how nobody is not having this problem, and how it can be only me, but from my simple plying around I can show the webGUI is messed up and the router will configure the shares to enable them when the webGUI shows they are not shared.

    Again, the problem should be simple to duplicate. Attach a USB device that has more then one partition (I have had 3 partitions made to test it out) and have the admin and at least one user. Try to set unique permissions on any other partition then the first one between the admin and a users. For me it can't be done. It always reverts back to whatever the admin account permissions are. Also watch the smb.conf file. Strange things are going on, and it will enable shares that the webGUI shows are not shared.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019