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Cant Setup Manuell IP if i Enter it reloades Router Page and i have to login again

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every time i try to setup something it kick me out of the panel and i have to login again but it have saved my settings

i got a new ax88u (nopro) flashed newst firmware makes factory reset and flashed the asus merlin wrt for non pro(is there a way to see if i maybe have a pro ? )

then all works normal settings alsow but when i try to setup something like fixed ips it want use it
Making certain changes on a router's GUI will kick the user out back to the login screen as the router applies the changes which may involve restarting services or rebooting the router entirely. This is typically normal.

Generally you can add multiple manual IP reservations on the LAN > DHCP Server page, when finished adding manual reservations, then select the Apply button at the bottom of the LAN > DHCP Server page. If using the Asus-Merlin firmware one may want to use the YazDHCP script which allows you to export the manual IP reservation list then reimport it. It saves one having to re-enter the manual IP reservations.

If you have a non pro RT-AX88U router, then it is a non pro RT-AX88U router. There generally is no way to install the RT-AX88U Pro firmware to the RT-AX88U non pro router. The router interface will prevent you from updating incorrect or unsupported firmware. Often the Pro version may have different hardware than what is found on the non pro router version.
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All newer Pro version routers are different hardware compared to non-Pro older models.
Older non Pro model has 8 lan ports.

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