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Configuring itunes server GT AC5300

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Ron Bennington

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I am very new to this site, and new to wanting my itunes server in a different location. so with that said, i just installed a ROG GT AC5300 today, all is well, install and setup was straight forward. have my Qos NAT, port forwarding and FTP server setup. But one of the main reasons for buying was so that i could move my itunes off the iMac and on to the 4tb USB drive. I have copied over the complet itunes folder, i followed the very basic instruction on how to turn itunes on, but i am still missing something. when i change i tunes on the imac to point to the router usb drive is states there are no movies, tv shows etc....

Any help and or input would be greatly appreciated.
are all of the devices on the same sub net (ex: 192.168.1.xxx) ?
DO you have folder/library sharing turned on ?
I have an itunes share on teh usb drive, i can access it and manipulate it from my windows laptop. so i believe i have folder sharing working, I am unsure about library sharing, can you give me some pointers

a couple hints
- look on ASUS's forums
- read apples help pages
the information is all there.
Have you changed the location of the library in itunes on the imac to match the usb location ?
Can you see the files from the imac (mount the usb drive on the router as a drive) ?

What version of SMB is supported by the router software versus the iMAC ?
i wonder if it is an authentication or authorization issue with the itunes store or itunes. Does it work for content that is not DRM protected ? Or can you re-download content from the itunes store to the drive ?
okay, i have changed the location of the itunes folder that itunes uses. I stopped itunes on my imac, then as soon as i clicked itunes i immediatly pressed the option key. That brings up a windows allowing my to change the db location that itunes uses. I pointed it to the folder i created on the GT AC5300 router USB drive. That works fine, but i still need to have the imac up and itunes running. So this tells me that i am shearing amd that the itunes folder works. This is only use for my apple tv's, when the imac is off, i get the regular to access your library turn on home sharing. the whole idea i thought behind the itunes server was so that i would not have to have a pc running, i could just use the router for itunes. maybe i am wrong in how this is supposed to work.

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