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confused about how drives show up visually

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I think I've added a link to 2 pix of my drives. I had originally names them black and white because of the colour of the headers on my mobo. But it appears to me that 2 of them are designated as removable or as disk drives. I've done nothing differently in the setup, so my guess is its the mobo headers that are causing the distinction. they are all exactly the same. WD red 6TB drives.

I don't want to move forward with creating a NAS until I know whats going on, and doing a google search is beyond my verbage skills. I sat at my computer for an hour trying to find out the answers myself so i don't wear out my welcome here too quickly. But it seems that every time I end up with very similar results, people telling me how to mount my drives.

If anyone can clarify what im seeing and whether i can still try to make this into a NAS or not would be appreciated.

(I just got my hands on a AMD 2700x cpu for $40 and it fits my Asus x570 wifi board that I ha laying around, so maybe I should tear this computer apart and install that instead? Or look for some ram and a case power supply and build a second nas, putting 2 drives in one and 3 in the other? lots more money that way, but who needs food anyway

Please and thanks
thank you very much! I'll try that tonight if possible. but I've bookmarked that page for future reference in case i need to reformat due to making more new mistakes.
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