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Connecting AX 58 to a device with LAN port

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Hey all, I am trying to use an Asus RP AX-58 to connect a device to the internet via the LAN port at the bottom of the repeater. When I have the device plugged into the unit I am trying to get internet access to, the IP address the device receives is on a completely different scheme and subnet class than our LAN. I asked Asus tech support, who told me to update the firmware, factory default the device, and then add the device back onto our AiMesh network. I'm in the process of that right now, but I would like to know if anybody has been successful in getting internet access through that LAN port at the bottom of the device.

Specifically, by the way, we have a large format printer in our office that does not have wireless capability that we were trying to use this device for.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
I'd like to answer my own question in case it helps anyone else out. It was, in fact, the device firmware which was not allowing the LAN connectivity. Once I updated the firmware, factory defaulted the unit, and removed/readded the unit to the mesh system, I was able to get a valid internet connection through the LAN port at the bottom of the AX58.

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