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Connecting TP-Link AC3150 to VPN

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New Around Here

I want to connect Netflix in Germany, country currently I'm living allows Netflix but the content is censored. I have a cyberghostvpn account and I'm able to access Netflix Germany from my mobile phone, but I'm unable to play it on my tv, not even with chrome cast.

I recently bought TP-Link AC3150 Router. I realized that router's current firmware has the VPN function. Can I connect cyberghostvpn over router to make my tv connecting internet over VPN?

cyberghostvpn has some tutorials on their website, but they only explain for tomato or dd-wrt.

Is there anyone else have this router, or anyone can explain me what should I do.

Thx in advance.
Merlin is just a tomato variant. Yes, it has some nice additional features, but any instructions based on tomato should at least get you started.
He has a TP-Link, not an Asus router. No idea how TP-Link implemented their OpenVPN support.

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