Correct routes for bidirectional site-to-site VPN

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Hello everyone!

Can someone help me with proper routes on the VPN server?
I have two routers with two different subnets and want to have access to all devices from both of them. I have successfully set up routes from Site 2 to Site 1, all devices from Site 1 are visible and I can connect to them, but I have trouble with access to Site 2 devices from Site 1 subnet. If I think correctly I need to redirect all traffic with destination IP from to, but I don't know a proper way to do so.
If you need you can see the map of my current network under the spoiler.

I tried to google, but, unfortunately, didn't find anything relevant.

Network map.jpeg

Thanks in advance!


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You need to add the network under the Manage Client Specific Options section of the OpenVPN server, using the CN (Common Name) specified on the OpenVPN client's cert. Do NOT push it, just specify it.

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