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Continuation of:


New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.17.5->1.17.6.
2. OpenSSL v. 1.1.1 package is upgraded 1.1.1l->1.1.1m.
3. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.5.4->2.5.5.
4. unbound package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.13.2->1.14.0.
5. getdns package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.5.2->1.7.0.
6. Add 'check' package ('getdns' dependency).
7. stubby package is upgraded 0.3.0->0.4.0.
8. curl package is upgraded 7.80.0->7.81.0.
9. elfutils package is upgraded 0.182->0.186.
10. libnl-tiny package is upgraded 2020-08-05->2021-11-21.
11. libexif package is upgraded 0.6.22->0.6.24.
12. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.46.4->1.46.5.
13. haveged package is upgraded 1.9.15->1.9.17.
14. expat package is upgraded 2.4.1->2.4.2.
15. dbus package is upgraded 1.13.18->1.13.20.
16. bind package is upgraded 9.17.20->9.17.21.
17. nano package is upgraded 5.9->6.0.
18. hd-idle package is upgraded 1.04->1.05.
19. dnscrypt-proxy-2: add UPX packing.
20. Host tools: upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.46.5.
21. Host tools: upgrade scons to 3.1.2.
22. Host tools: upgrade mkimage/u-boot to 2021.10.


New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. expat package is upgraded 2.4.2->2.4.3 (fixing CVE-2021-45960, CVE-2021-46143, from CVE-2022-22822 to CVE-2022-22827).
Base Scores: 7.5, 7.8/8.1, 9.8, 9.8, 9.8, 8.8, 8.8, 8.8.​
2. nano: add UTF-8 support.
3. lighttpd package is upgraded 1.4.63->1.4.64.
4. ethtool package is upgraded 5.15->5.16.
5. libiconv-full': iconv' utility is added to firmware.
6. xxd package is added.
7. Host tools: upgrade mtd-utils to 2.1.4.

The link is:

https://www.voxel-firmware.com (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).

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New Around Here
I am running this on my LBR20 to get a better view and handle on my network.
Turns out the LBR20 has many more network interfaces than I would have expected.

Is there a documentation for each interface?
I am especially concerned with the seven ethernet interfaces ath0, ath01, ath11, ath2, br0, eth0 and eth1.
How do they map to the two physical RJ45 jacks and how are they used?

I would like to hock it up to a proxy server with a dual link and am debating if I could use link aggregation with two 1G lines to better utilize a WiFi6/ax access point.


New Around Here
Hi Voxel! I am not a Linux user so I apologize in advance if this is an impossible task. Is there a way to install a package? I am trying to install Green Tunnel (used for DPI bypassing. Lets the user bypass throttling connections to streaming sites like Netflix/Youtube, Etc.) https://github.com/SadeghHayeri/GreenTunnel
If not, is there any way this could maybe be included in the next release? :)
This DPI bypass is faster than VPN connections and is very useful for LTE users.
Thanks for all your work!!!!

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