Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi LBR20 v.


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Continuation of:


New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.17.7->1.18.
2. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.5.5->2.5.6 (fixing CVE-2022-0547, score 9.8, Critical).
3. OpenSSL v. 1.1.1 package is upgraded 1.1.1m->1.1.1n (fixing CVE-2022-0778, score 7.5, High).
4. expat package is upgraded 2.4.7->2.4.8 Relax fix to CVE-2022-25236 (introduced with release 2.4.5).
5. dropbear package is upgraded 2020.81->2022.82.
6. zlib package is upgraded 1.2.11->1.2.12.
7. ethtool package is upgraded 5.16->5.17.
8. bind package is upgraded 9.18.0->9.18.1.
9. libuv package is upgraded 1.41.1->1.44.1.
10. util-linux package is upgraded 2.37.4->2.38.
11. dbus package is upgraded 1.13.20->1.13.22.
12. sysstat package is upgraded 12.4.3->12.4.5.
13. libmnl package is upgraded 1.0.4->1.0.5.
14. libreadline package is upgraded 8.1->8.1.2.
15. Make an order in various Makefiles.
16. Host tools: upgrade mklibs to 0.1.45.
17. Host tools: upgrade zlib to 1.2.12.
18. Host tools: upgrade mkimage/u-boot to 2022.01.

The link is:

https://www.voxel-firmware.com (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).


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