Voxel Custom firmware build for Orbi LBR20 v.


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Continuation of:

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New version of my custom firmware build:

Changes (vs

1. Toolchain: add patch to uClibc to fix CVE-2022-30295, score 6.5, Medium (Use predictable DNS transaction IDs that may lead to DNS cache poisoning).
2. Toolchain: Go is upgraded 1.18.3->1.18.4.
3. wireguard package is upgraded 1.0.20211208->1.0.20220627.
4. OpenSSL v. 1.1.1 package is upgraded 1.1.1p->1.1.1q.
5. curl package is upgraded 7.83.1->7.84.0.
6. proftpd package is upgraded 1.3.7d->1.3.7e.
7. tcpdump package is upgraded 4.9.3->4.99.1.
8. unbound package (used in stubby) is upgraded 1.16.0->1.16.1.
9. bind package is upgraded 9.18.3->9.18.5.
10. libuv package is upgraded 1.44.1->1.44.2.
11. nghttp2 package is upgraded 1.47.0->1.48.0.

The link is:

https://www.voxel-firmware.com (thanks to vladlenas for his help with hosting).


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