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D-Link DNS-323 Mysteries

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New Around Here
Hello folks. I'm having issues with my Nas and looking for some thoughts.

1. The 323 gets recognised by Vista as a network device but then Windows requires a driver. As far as I know there is no driver for it so I'm puzzled as to what driver I need.

2. No access through the specified name. I can access the datashares through the ip address of the nas but not using the name it has.

3. Same problem with my ps3. It can see the Nas but cant access any files and displays the error "Media Server Error - A DLNA protocol error (2114) has occured".

Looking forward to your suggestions and great ideas! :)
Hello Erik,

I recently bought this NAS. So far so good, but I am still using a 10/100 router (Uverse 3800HGV-B Gateway) and XP boxes.

1. There is a driver for Vista PNP-X support.

2. Can your router handle Netbios/DNS hostnames? Some people put underscores and other invalid characters in their DNS hostnames.

3. I don't have a PS3, but make sure you are running the latest DNS-323 firmware.
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Hello again,

Thanks alot for your fast replies! As for the 323 and Ps3 I got things to work doing this:
  1. Upgrade Firmware to 1.05.
    My local support site (Belgium) only has firmware 1.02 and the helpdesk didn't know much about the 323. I should have known to check international dlink sites... Anyways I was now able to see folders on the ps3 but no files.
  2. Change Upnp Av settings.
    Apply the root folder share in the Upnp Av advanced settings and there were my files. Playback on ps3 works but some files play laggy. Its mainly older avi files which I don't care about much so thats ok.

As for Vista. I'm using the 64-bit version so I can't use the 32-bit driver. But then I don't need it anymore. The 323 shows up twice in my network, once as a computer and once as a box that looks like a nas. I can access all shares through the 323 as a computer icon. The other one still asks for a driver if I click it but I don't care anymore since the other one works just fine.

About DLNA. I'm by far no expert on these things but according to answers.com Upnp AV is what DLNA is all about untill some new standard is defined and the 323 is listed as one of the Upnp AV hardware mediaservers. So I guess no twonky needed, just a good firmware. However some guy on the ps3 forum reported bad playback and installed twonky on the 323. This leaves me puzzled as to how on earth can you do that? As far as I know there is no interface on the 323 to install apps or addins or whatever. Does twonky integrate itself with the 323 os or do you need to hack it or something?

Thanks again!

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