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D-Link firmware update

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I've got a DIR-655 A3 with the 1.11EU firmware. I see that there is now an update available (1.21). However, most discussion suggests that it is merely to allow for the SharePort function, which I neither need nor want. Under those conditions, do I really want to run the fw patch? Is there any other advantage? I'm thinking along the lines of 'if it ain't broke...'


I've tried various versions of 1.21 and now 1.22 and they all have issues. I recommend you stick with V1.11.
DIR 655 update

I updated from 1.11 to 1.21EU. No problems encountered with either firmware. Updated specifically for the Shareport feature which is used to backup a Vista laptop.
WHAT issues?

I've tried various versions of 1.21 and now 1.22 and they all have issues.

WHAT issues? Not disagreeing with you, just asking. :confused:

I just purchased a DIR-655 yesterday. It came with 1.20 and I immediately upgraded to 1.21 while setting it up. My perspective is that I'll take just about anything I can get in the way of fixes. (One of the reasons I finally decided to go with the D-Link was because it seemed to me that the company was still actively "supporting" this device.)

Is 1.22 a beta firmware release?

-irrational john
I'm still using the 1.04 FW on my A2. On FW after that the they removed the bridge mode for the WAN port. I am using it as an access point for my internal network.
If it isn't broke.....

Have you seen throughput increases with any FW updates?
Have you seen throughput increases with any FW updates?

I actually have never measured the throughput on my LAN, so I couldn't tell you.

Also, I upgraded the firmware before actually using the DIR-655 for much of anything. So I couldn't even make an anecdotal guess as to any before/after performance diffs.

Out of curiosity, what tool do you use to measure your intra-LAN transfer speeds?

-irrational john
There is software such as IxChariot, Iperf, Ttcp, netperf or bwping for measuring the maximum throughput of a network access. I haven't used them, but I have used the performance monitor built into windows perfmon.exe. look at the network interface counters.
I used that to troubleshoot why my old 2X300a@450Mhz BP6/SX6000 file server was so dam slow. I used the different counters to narrow it down to the pci/33/32 bus. the CPUs are old but the PCI bus was overwhelmed with a giga NIC and the raid card together.


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