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Denon 3808 Receiver on the Network

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New Around Here

I'm looking to get the Denon 3808CI Receiver which has networking capability through a wired ethernet connection for internet radio and firmware updates. Seeing as my network connection is downstairs and the receiver will be used upstairs, I don't want to run ethernet cable and would prefer a wireless hookup (and don't want to spend the extra $500-$900 on the Denon 4308CI which does have wireless).

Does anyone know of any way (access point, repeater, etc.) that I can hardwire the Denon receiver into a wireless device upstairs and have that wireless device connect to my network (wirelessly) downstairs in order to connect the receiver to the network?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Sure. You are looking for a wireless Ethernet bridge. Examples are:
Linksys WET54G
Linksys WGA600N

You might consider a powerline connection too. Get two of the same make and model product (one for each end of the connection). Make sure the box says 85 Mbps or 200 Mbps.

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