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Hi all

I have an Asus AC3100 (v386.5.2) router with Diversion (v4.2.2). I had to re-configure the router and I cannot get Diversion to work. My DNS is my router address ( DNS filtering is enabled and set to Router.

Connect to DNS Server automatically - Y
Forward local domain queries to upstream DNS - N

DNS Server Fields 1,2 are blank
ad-blocking goes to IP
Pixelserv-tls is (v2.4)

This is not hard, the thelonelycoder made this easy to set up and use. I missed something in the very late (or very early......) hour.



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Supposed to be No as far as I remember.
Should work fine either way! Set as "Y" is just uses the DNS servers that your ISP pushes on you, rather than you setting them manually!

I also wouldn't force DNS filtering, most clients should be getting their DNS server address through DHCP.

*Long-time user of Pi-Hole and recent convert to Diversion. Devices get their DNS settings via DHCP. Most go through Diversion as standard, the TV goes through Diversion to a SmartDNS proxy.

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