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uiDivStats Diversion Statistics Report: you don't have a weekly stats file from Diversion present on your router.

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I was seeing an old stats report in the webui.

I went into C for communication and updated the settings to be:

Communication settings 1. Diversion update notification DivUn 2. Diversion stats stats:email,body,save

I then chose
2. Compile current stats report

So i went to SF and found these 2 reports.

Diversion stats files: 7. Diversion_Stats_RT-AC68U_2023-04-24_01.30.txt 8. Diversion_Stats_RT-AC68U_2023-06-23_10.32.txt

Then i deleted Diversion_Stats_RT-AC68U_2023-04-24_01.30.txt and now I see the following message in the webui

Diversion Statistics Report (click to expand/collapse) If you are seeing this message,it means you don't have a weekly stats file from Diversion present on your router. Please check that weekly stats are enabled in Diversion,menu options c 2

As shown above, i now have a new diversion status file located at /opt/share/diversion/stats/Diversion_Stats_RT-AC68U_2023-06-23_10.32.txt, why doesnt the webui display it?

Diversion 4.3.3 by thelonelycoder RT-AC68U (armv7l) FW-386.11
Update: it eventually showed up once i went into j5 for uiDivStats in AMTM.
I didnt actually do anything else, just that.

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