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Does dual band, dual radio, mean simultaneously?

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New Around Here

Thanks in advance for your help.

I bought this for using under ubuntu (ath9k):

It mentions dual band, dual radio, does this mean I could use 1 radio for 11g and 2 radios for 11an?

I would like to support 2.4 and 5.8GHz simultaneously, I have a sneaky feeling it is not possible, I only have one mini-pci slot.

The other option is also having a SparkLAN WUBR-102G integrated inside, to a USB header with a single antenna outside.

Thanks again.

Dual-band clients operate on only one band at a time. It would not make sense to be connected to two bands at the same time for a client.
Thanks Tim, sorry I meant to mention that I wish to have two APs running on this system, 1 high speed 5.8 AN network and one low speed 2.4 G network (using hostapd).
A client can still connect to only one AP at a time.
I have the following I wish to connect to the APs running on the system (its a firewall):

Macbook (.11AN)
Gaming machine (.11AN)
Cisco Phone (.11A)
HP PDA (.11G)
Compaq Laptop (.11G)

Of course I could just use the 2.4Ghz band for them all but that wouldn't be much fun at all...
Although the card description states it's a dual radio card, it only has one radio (dual-band AR9106).

You would require another device to provide simultaneous 2.4/5 GHz connectivity. 2.4 GHz-only operation may not be possible if your phone is 11a (5 GHz).
Besides for the technical challenge, why would you possibly want to spend the money to do this?
Besides for the technical challenge, why would you possibly want to spend the money to do this?

Already had the hardware in the form of WRT600N dual-band router, 2 WLAN Mini-PCIe cards and the software was free so couldn't see why not try it and found that the Broadcom BACS teaming utility actually works flawlessly. Imagine you could accomplish the same using the Intel NIC teaming software with a couple of Intel WLANs as well...

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