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dose old device like ax86u will update to 3006?

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For Rmerlin's comments on firmware, please see the following post:
I thought I'd make a post clarifying the current plans regarding the separate versions (386 and 388), and future plans.
Future 3006_102 branch:
I still don't have anything to announce. This includes not being able to confirm whether I will eventually support it or not. I got a preliminary code drop from Asus last year which allowed me to have a first glance at it, but that code wasn't in a compilable state yet. Asus still has no ETA as to when a finalized GPL based on that codebase will be available. For any decision to be made on my part, the following will need to happen:

- A finalized GPL drop need to be prepared for at least one model
- I need to evaluate how much effort will be required to merge it (based on my early look at the code last year - a lot of work)
- I need to decide if it's doable, and if I'm willing to put the effort into doing it. (yes, I may end up deciding not to based on my previous analysis)
- If I go forward with it, I need to decide which model to put on that code base (existing and/or new models)
- I will need to actually do it, which at a rough guesstimate will represent multiple weeks of work, to confirm I actually can do it
- Only after that I will be able to announce my final plans toward it

So the bottom line is, I still have no news to share on the 3006 front. That includes not being able to confirm whether it will happen or not. Anyone asking on when that will happen or whether I will implement support for new Wifi 7 models, people can refer them to this post. I do have a pair of Wifi 7 routers already from Asus, so having a development device isn't the current obstacle - the lack of available code is.
Right now the RT-AX86U non pro model is not listed as being supported by Asus. Only Asus can answer if that will change at some future point. My wild speculative guess is that the non pro RT-AX86U model will not get updated to any time soon, if ever.

The following models either currently have firmware or have beta versions of GT-AX6000, RT-AX88U Pro, GT-AX11000 Pro, GT-AX6000, GT-AXE16000, RT-AX86U Pro, RT-AX88U Pro, ZenWiFi Pro ET12, ZenWIFI Pro XT12, ASUS ZenWiFi BQ16, ASUS ZenWiFi BQ16 PRO, ROG Rapture GT-BE25000, ASUS RT-BE96U, ASUS GT-BE98 and ASUS RT-BE98 PRO. Asus indicates; "more models are coming."
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