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Double DDOS protection?

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My internet is via cable, the cable modem is a Sagemcom F3896LG and my router is an Asus GT-AXE16000 which is connected to that modem which means the Asus router is behind a double NAT. I could ask the Internet provider to put the cable modem into bridge mode but if I do that then we lose a lot of extra services the internet provider offers so for the time being I will not set it to bridge mode. My cable modem has DDOS protection on and the Asus router is set to DMZ. Now comes my question I got DDOS protection on on the cable modem and on the Asus router, is this okay or should I disable it on one of the devices, because it has a double DDOS protection that way?

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"DDoS protection" is a very generic term, it does not say how said protection is implemented. In Asus's case, it simply throttles the maximum number of ICMP packets it will reply to within one second.

Ultimately, the only way to fully protect against DDoS attacks is at the ISP itself. A DDoS targetting you would still bring your connection to a crawl regardless of whatever protection the modem or the router may offer, since your inbound would still be saturated.
I would keep the DoS protection on Asus at default Disabled. Based on description how it works it may create issues.
Thanks for the info guys. I've disabled the DDOS option on my Asus router for now. The issue I had is that internet went down very frequently and then I had to reboot the Asus router and the Sagemcom cable modem and even then I had to wait a while till internet came back. Until now the issue hasn't come back.
I have no issues anymore since I removed the DDOS protection on the Asus router, works like a charm now.

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